Unai & Lush are a Spanish band formed by Marian Lush (vocals) and Unai Iker (guitar). These two Majorcan musicians joined in 2013 in order to create the duo “Angels”, which covers songs of international bands. A while after, they decided to take advantage of their mutual chemistry to compose together. They created Unai&Lush, a project with their own compositions that assemble several styles, from pop-rock and funky-soul to North American country-folk.

Their own style has been influenced by pop-rock bands like Bon Jovi and Aerosmith. Regarding funky and soul, their major influence has been the artist Joss Stone. Other major influences include the country style of Brad Paisley and Keith Urban, as well as singers Faith Hill and Sheryl Crow.

Marian Lush began to grow interested in music thanks to singers like Mariah Carey and mainly Whitney Houston, her main vocal referent. She furthered her studies in vocals and piano in Barcelona, thus coming to know other styles like jazz and artists such as Ella Fitzgerald. Other artists like Aretha Franklin and Carole King also triggered her interest in improvisation and soul music.

Unai Iker started his piano studies at age 5. His main influences were rock and guitarists such as Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Andy Timmons and Richie Kotzen. He decided to switch instruments and to focus all his efforts into the guitar. Later, he attended the AULA school of modern music in Barcelona, where he came to be influenced also by country and blues music, as well as the slide technique for playing the guitar.